Welcome to my shop, Officer’s Apothecary! I sell a range of handmade artisan soaps, all handmade by myself here in my workshop in Scotland. My soaps are perfect as a treat for yourself, or for somebody else!

Our Range of Hand Made Luxury Soaps

Our soaps are made from the finest ingredients and we do not use Palm Oil. Our current range includes: Fresh Linen, Gin and Lemon, Soft Powder, Rich Chocolate, Hawaiian Frangipani , Fruit Daiquiri and Coconut Almond. All of which can purchased now on Etsy


A wee bit more about Officer’s Apothecary…

It all started for me as a hobby a number of years ago, and after steadily growing my hobby I made the decision to leave full time employment and start my own business doing what I loved- making soap! My past experience has enabled me to learn the properties and behaviours of soap, the beneficial qualities of the raw ingredients, and how to design and craft the best bars of artisan soap I can.

All my soaps have been tested by a trusted chartered chemist and awarded their safety certifications, so when purchasing from Officer’s Apothecary you can be confident in the quality and safety of your new soap.


Care instructions

To best care for your handmade soap, you should store it on a soap rack or dish that drains well. This allows your soap to dry off between uses and therefore last even longer! Do you use Palm Oil in your soaps? No- my soaps are completely palm oil free, and always will be.


If you have any questions or queries then please feel free to sent me a message here on Etsy and I’d be more than happy to chat with you – Carly